Our Firm

We are a team of CPAs and business consultants specializing in government accounting, consulting and assurance services. We are an exclusive firm of highly qualified individuals. We pride ourselves in bringing a thorough knowledge of accounting theory, laws and regulations concerning procurement contracts and assistance awards, and guidance to consulting engagements layered with our knowledge of your industry and regulatory environment. In addition to our years of experience as consultants we bring real world, practical knowledge as:

  • DCAA and Inspector General Auditors
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Program Finance and Accounting Managers
  • University Grant Administrators
  • Public Accounting Firm Auditors and Consultants
  • State Government Executives

Our firm has effectively provided a broad range of services to organizations that receive or administer Federal, State and local government funds, spanning an array of industries and markets.

Contracting with the federal and state government continues to be highly regulated and governed by a myriad of law, regulation, and policy guidance that can often differ among government agencies. Statutes and rules have a significant and lasting impact during the solicitation and negotiation process, and dictate what costs will be reimbursed and how an organization must account for and report its costs. Doing business with the government requires an area of expertise that goes beyond traditional accounting.

We can assist you by simplifying this complicated process, helping you focus on the risk areas so that you can focus on performance. We stay abreast of changes in the body of rules impacting your business to support your business operations and strategic goals.

Our team is dedicated to your needs and we strive to provide reliable and value-added services. Our in-depth knowledge of government regulations and our team’s average of over 25 years of practical experience helping organizations avoid disruptive and expensive problems while helping them maximize profitability within the cost and pricing rules the government allows. ML Weekes’ highly experienced and diverse professional staff sets us apart from most other accounting and advisory business service firms.