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Aerospace and Defense contractors and subcontractors have sought out our expertise in matters such as DCAA audit support, dispute resolution, key business system compliance assessments, internal control and risk management reviews, Government cost accounting policies, procedures and training. Not only do we bring the expertise but we bring the industry and business knowledge in an increasingly complex regulatory and competitive environment. Our team has demonstrated knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and agency-specific supplements, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), and other laws and regulations impacting the contract lifecycle. We serve domestic and international clients ranging in size from lower-tier suppliers to fortune 500 global businesses and pride ourselves in our availability to provide clients with focused, results-oriented analysis and solutions quickly and efficiently.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations receive and administer Federal and State funding from a vast array of sources. These organizations are subject to 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.

In addition to the grant and contract expertise our team brings guidance on grant administration, policies and procedures, indirect rate development, service center and core facility rates and procedures, time and effort reporting, IRB systems development, Principal Investigator productivity management systems, and development of grants administration functions and audit support and resolution. We have prepared, submitted and negotiated hundreds of indirect cost rate agreements on behalf of non-profits with numerous Federal agencies including DHHS, DoD, DOL, DOE, DOI, and others. ML Weekes has developed cost effective approaches to rate development and has the experience to identify areas to increase recovery of costs and obtain the most favorable terms.

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Higher Education

Most colleges and universities have Federal funding to support research and related training activities and are some of the top recipients of DHHS and DoD funding. These awards are subject to numerous general and agency-specific rules that require supporting systems and procedures that have a considerable impact on federal reimbursement. Our team brings hands on experience with a variety of research operation, administration and accounting systems and leverages this knowledge to enhance and improve our clients’ operations. ML Weekes has extensive experience working with the major Federal research agencies, regulations and accounting standards that colleges and universities and compelled to follow. These include 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Guidance, Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency supplements under procurement contracts, and Cost Accounting Standards.

Services provided by our team have included preparation and review of "short" and "long" form facilities and administrative cost rates, service center and core facilities compliance reviews and rate calculations, policy and procedure development, time and effort reviews, development of grants administration functions and audit support and resolution.

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Hospitals and Health Care Systems

Funded primarily by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), along with other organizations within the public and private sector, hospitals comprise one of the largest recipients of grants and other funding to support medical research.

Research expenditures under federal awards are subject to the provisions of OASC-3, "A Guide for Hospitals", and 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Guidance.

Our clients include many of the largest teaching hospitals and healthcare systems in the U.S., including those with extensive government and privately funded research. Our team has provided guidance on grant administration, policies and procedures, indirect rate development, service center and "core" facility rates and procedures, Cost Accounting Standards Disclosure Statements, IRB systems development and Principal Investigator productivity management systems.

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Construction and Architectural & Engineering (A&E)

Large general construction, subcontractors and A&E firms come to us because of our in-depth knowledge of the federal procurement regulations and the relevant legal decisions that impact the construction and engineering contracting industries. Specifically, we have worked with numerous companies in developing and documenting policies and procedures, calculating acceptable billing structures and rates and documenting cost accounting practices required by the Cost Accounting Standards. Whether a contractor has done business with the Government for years or just received its first government contract our team is poised to perform key business systems reviews to assure compliant cost accounting and contract administration.

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International Organizations

ML Weekes has partnered with a variety of non-U.S. based government contractors worldwide across a broad spectrum of industries including aerospace and defense, ammunition manufacture, vehicle manufacture, engineering services and numerous others. Non-U.S. businesses face unique challenges which include cost allocation and financial accounting methods that may be acceptable for in-country government contracts, as well as general business operations and reporting, but are in direct conflict with, or deviate from the requirements specified in the terms and conditions of U.S. government contracts. Through our strategic partnerships with these businesses we have worked with government agencies, commercial organizations, and defense and intelligence organizations to achieve successful outcomes in the federal contracting arena.

Our experience with our international clients covers the complete contracting lifecycle, including preparation of negotiated proposals and indirect rates, incurred cost submissions, contract and subcontract management and reporting, billing and closeout. We have assisted international firms in establishing and documenting acceptable business systems and related policies, procedures and training, documentation of cost accounting practices, including CAS Disclosure Statements, and have assisted with the closure of systems inadequacies and resolution of audit issues and CAS non-compliances.

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State and Local Government and Quasi-Governmental Organizations

State and local governments like colleges and universities and other non-profit organizations bring their own set of regulations and often specific contract requirements and are subject to the requirements of 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Guidance. We wade through these regulations and assist you in developing compliant policies and procedures and control activities to assure compliance.

The Federal Government provides states and local governments with "block grants" for entitlement programs. In addition to the Federal law, regulations, policy and contract guidance the entitlement programs have another layer of regulation and guidance to assure eligible participants receive the services that benefit their health and welfare. Our staff is exceptionally well qualified to support single audit, cost allocation plan and indirect rate computations and special purpose audits to assist in maximizing ever limited federal funding.

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