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Federal Government Contractors

The U.S. Federal government is by far the largest procurer of goods and services. This marketplace presents tremendous opportunities to develop and expand a company's revenue and technological capabilities.

To protect taxpayer's interests, and also as a result of the lack of competition for certain products, a comprehensive and vast set of procurement rules and regulations has been created. These include the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and various other laws, and agency specific rules. As a result, unique challenges apply to firms who choose to do business with the Federal government. Both prime contractors and subcontractors are affected by these rules and regulations.

ML Weekes professionals have worked with scores of government contractors and possess extensive knowledge of the rules, regulations and the business processes that lead to financial success, while minimizing compliance risk.

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Interpreting Relevant Public Laws and Procurement Regulations
Requests for Equitable Adjustments and Claims Preparation
Compliance Reviews
Policies and Procedures
Analyzing Estimating Systems and Compliance Processes
Disclosure Statement Preparation and Review
Grants Administration
Sales and Local Tax Mitigation Services
Proposal Preparation
Unallowable Cost Reviews
Overhead Rate Audits and Certification
Diagnostic Reviews of Allocation Methods
Indirect Rate Preparation and Negotiation Support
Specialized Attestation, Agreed-Upon Procedures and Forensic Investigation
NIST Award Audits
Governmental Financial and Compliance Audits (Yellow Book)