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Analyzing Systems and Processes

Analyzing Estimating Systems and Compliance Processes

Quality proposals are the result of a well designed and effectively managed estimating system. Accurate cost estimates are essential to operating a profitable business. A good system can also minimize the risk of defective pricing allegations.

As part of a regulatory oversight requirement, the government will periodically perform contractor estimating system reviews. Procurement regulations require DoD contractors to have adequate estimating systems and depending on the organization's size the estimating system needs to be documented. In accordance with procurement regulations, contractors must have estimating systems that consistently produce well supported proposals acceptable as a basis for negotiating fair and reasonable prices.

ML Weekes assists clients in evaluating existing estimating systems and establishing new systems that are fully documented and include the essential components to demonstrate compliance with elements prescribed by the Federal regulations. Our services include:

  • Performing "red-team" reviews to identify potential areas for improvement and ensure compliance
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Documentation of existing estimating systems processes
  • Developing estimating factors and "historical" data
  • Audit issue resolution