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Space Surveys and Studies

Space Surveys and Studies

Colleges and universities are required to conduct a Space Inventory and Functional Usage Study as part of the preparation of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost proposal. The purpose of these studies is to comply with Federal regulations prescribed by OMB Circular A-21, "Cost Principles for Educational Institutions".

Unlike the administration component of the F&A rate, facilities costs are not subject to a cap, and a significant portion of these costs, including operations and maintenance and depreciation are allocated using square footage by functional usage.

ML Weekes services include reviewing and updating existing space studies, as well as preparing a new space study, where required. Examples of our procedures include:

  • Meeting with facilities personnel to understand new and existing space
  • Performing interviews and "walk throughs" with department personnel to identify the functional usage of buildings and room
  • Matching the occupants (base) with the function of space to ensure consistency
  • Analysis of space to adjust for areas that should appropriately be excluded from the study. Examples include unassignable space, rented, or off-site space, and unoccupied or idle space, and space receiving an internal allocation of facilities costs

Performing the space study early in the rate preparation process allows ample time to review for completeness and accuracy. Contact our professional staff to discuss how best to plan and prepare for this important process.