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Diagnostic Reviews of Allocation Methods

Diagnostic Reviews of Allocation Methods

Whether it's almost time to submit your indirect rate proposal or incurred cost submission, or you are still in the planning phase, a diagnostic review is a cost-effective way to help make sure your rate is compliant and fairly represents your cost recovery.

Diagnostic reviews are typically an on-site, focused analysis of an indirect rate calculation and supporting documentation. These reviews are valuable as a means of assessing compliance with applicable laws, regulations and agency policy. A major benefit of the diagnostic review is that the recommendations we provide often result in enhanced indirect rate calculations and help facilitate your organization's rate negotiations. The diagnostic review is focused on direct and indirect cost recovery and compliance through:

  • Determining the quality of data and allocation statistics
  • Identifying alternate methods of allocation
  • Analysis of cost pool and allocation bases
  • Reviewing the treatment of "hot" negotiation/audit issues
  • Reviews for unallowable costs
  • Reviews for consistency with cost disclosures and policies

Indirect rate submissions require a certification by a senior responsible officer. Our diagnostic review helps the organization minimize risk accompanying this process and assists in defining your negotiation strategy. Our proven approach will help your organization achieve its goals and optimize indirect cost recovery.

ML Weekes has the resources ready to perform a diagnostic review for your organization when you need it. Please contact any of our professional staff to discuss our approach and past successes.