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Cost Allocation Plan Prep

Cost Allocation Plan Preparation

Federal assistance to state and local governments is governed by OMB Circular A-87, "Cost Principles for State, Local, and Indian Tribal Governments," which establishes the rules underlying the development of cost allocation plans. Government entities that receive support in the form of grants may also be required to submit and negotiate an indirect cost rate with their cognizant Federal agency.

We have served numerous State and local governments in cost allocation plan preparation and have developed an approach that is cost-effective, while at the same time easy to understand and tailored to your specific needs. We have received many favorable comments regarding our pricing model and concepts because we provide a final cost allocation plan presentation package that meets the user's needs, not our own.

Our procedures include instructing client personnel in the specifics of indirect costing, including cost analysis and cost flow structuring, statistical collection and development techniques, interviewing, plan summarization and organization, theory of computation and plan implementation. We identify available data that can be effectively incorporated into the cost allocation plan, and determine opportunities for simplifying the overall plan and the data collection activities for future plans.

Additionally, we provide guidance to monitor recoveries from Federal/State programs and other users to ensure that all allowable recoveries are realized. Our staff is available on an on-going basis to answer any specific questions that may arise regarding the application and recovery of indirect costs. We believe you will find our pricing favorable and our service of the highest quality.