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Indirect Rate Prep and Negotiation Support

Indirect Rate Preparation and Negotiation Support

The Federal and State government rules surrounding the preparation of indirect (overhead) rate proposals vary according to the type of organization and the overall level of funding occurring during the fiscal year. Our staff is knowledgeable of the current regulations and agency guidance affecting indirect rates. The ML Weekes team will review your circumstances and determine the correct rules appropriate for your organization -- We are dedicated to enhancing indirect cost recovery, while reducing compliance risk.

The benefits of using the ML Weekes team include:

  • Customized rate model adapted to your needs
  • Knowledge and experience in the application of allocation rules
  • Skilled information systems personnel to streamline data gathering and input
  • Experience with the negotiation process and government agencies and personnel
  • Independent team with the skills to complete the entire rate development, submission and negotiation process with limited support

Our extensive experience in preparing indirect rates provides us with the unique capability to customize our services to each client's specific needs, while completing our work in a timely and efficient manner.