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Overhead Rate Audits and Certification

Overhead Rate Audits and Certification

There are many reasons why an organization may be required to certify and obtain an opinion on its overhead rate. One common example is state departments of transportation mandated overhead rate audits of their consultants. Architectural and engineering firms are routinely subject to these audits. When states receive and expend Federal highway funds, they are subject to audit requirements and rules that mirror the Federal cost principles. As such, its consultants are also subject to these same rules.

ML Weekes has developed a comprehensive audit approach and program that fully meets these audit requirements. Our staff's understanding of applicable cost principles, coupled with our organized approach, results in a streamlined and efficient audit process that is minimally disruptive to your organization.

We can review your current contracts and assist you in determining those agreements that require overhead certification and audit, and develop an audit plan that will suit your needs.