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Interpreting Laws and Regulations

Interpreting Relevant Public Laws and Procurement Regulations

Federal grant and contract rules are often complex and subject to numerous interpretations. ML Weekes provides assistance to emerging participants in the government arena and experienced contractors alike in determining the applicability of these rules. Our professional staff has worked with the body of cost and pricing laws, regulations and guidance for an average of 14 years.

Our staff's hands on experience as government auditors, contractor finance and cost accounting management, and members of professional service and consulting firms allows us to analyze and interpret issues from many viewpoints to develop the best approach for our clients. Our services include:

  • "White" paper development to support cost treatment, allocation and allowability
  • Advice on the appropriate accounting treatment for incurred costs
  • Audit issue resolution
  • CAS non-compliance and changes in cost accounting practices support

We pride ourselves on establishing longstanding relationships with our clients that are built on knowledge and responsiveness. Our professionals are available whether it's a quick call to get advice on cost treatment, or to request assistance in the development of a comprehensive response to a new or existing issue.