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Proposal Prep

Proposal Preparation

If your organization is new to government business, or is an experienced contractor looking for a new perspective for proposal preparation, our staff's unique combination of experience and professional backgrounds can assist you in achieving your goals.

Proposal preparation often requires short-term, concentrated effort to effectively respond to an RFP. For many organizations, it isn't always practical to divert limited resources away from everyday operations to prepare extensive proposals. In these cases, outsourcing may be the best answer. The ML Weekes team is ready to assist you.

The ML Weekes staff has experience in every aspect of grant, contract and cooperative agreement proposal preparation and planning. Our services include:

  • Preparing cost data and bases of estimates, including indirect rates, direct labor and materials and future period cost estimates
  • Assisting in writing technical rationale
  • Preparing and organizing supporting documentation
  • Preparing required certifications and forms
  • Duplicating and submitting the proposal
  • Assisting in negotiations

In addition we can also act in the role of proposal facilitator by:

  • Managing and directing the proposal team
  • Performing "red-team" reviews to identify potential areas for improvement and ensure compliance