ML Weekes & Company, PC is a professional services firm specializing in government accounting matters. We offer a variety of services to organizations that receive or administer Federal, State and local government funds, spanning an array of industries and markets.

Enhancing Direct and Indirect Cost Recovery and Minimizing Compliance Risk of Government Grants & Contracts

ML Weekes & Company, PC (ML Weekes), provides services to enable and improve productivity, profitability and performance, while maintaining compliance with government laws and regulations. Specialized government grant and contract cost allocation support, policy and procedure development, indirect rate calculations, proposal preparation, specialized assurance, and dispute resolution are a few examples of the services we provide. Our goal is to develop and maintain the highest standards of professional competence, independence and client service. Our clients include aerospace and defense contractors, not-for-profit organizations, colleges and universities, Federal, State and local government agencies, for-profit and not-for-profit health care facilities, research foundations, hospitals and healthcare facilities, technical outsourcing firms and other entities that receive or administer government funding.

Our Firm
We are a team of CPAs and business consultants specializing in government accounting, consulting and assurance services. We are an exclusive firm of highly qualified individuals.
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Our Team
Our professionals are among the more prominent practitioners in their fields, as evidenced by recent speaking engagements on behalf of our clients, as well as at industry conferences and events.
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Industry Specialists
We have industry and business knowledge of particular industries. We specialize in aerospace defense, construction, hospitals, higher education, not-for-profits and more.
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